Just Launched The Creative District: Book 1, Section 1: The Bright Lights Were Watching Over Us

TCD Book 1 Section 1

On June 21, 2017, the first installment of my book, The Creative District: The Bright Lights Were Watching Over us, was launched.

Here’s the description:  

Kept alive through oxygen tanks, Ethan Morgan had just awakened to the moment of his mother’s suicide. Lost and in despair, he was left to walk the streets homeless and alone. Even as hints of supernatural occurrences begin to enter into Ethan’s life, nothing could prepare him for the girl he would meet at the train station and the tragedy that would follow.

The Creative District is a fantasy fiction book series that follows Ethan Morgan, a young man who sometimes finds himself at the center of swirling glass spheres that appear from the floor. After his entire world changes when he meets a girl at the train station, Ethan is thrown into the world of Creative Breeds where people teleport, giants walk amongst the common, and a community of people have created their own society under the veil of the forest. However, not everything is fantasy. In this place, some can turn into animals, and some can’t turn back. People who can create illusions must first deal with the threat of their own imagination. Even in a world where everyone is seen as unique and exceptional, Ethan still finds himself alone, struggling with what it’s like to be different.

The Creative District: Book 1, Section 1: The Bright Lights Were Watching Over Us is available on Amazon.

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How to Design a World and Write About It : Contains Special Features of The Creative District

As said in a previous post, I will be featuring special content on my blog much like DVDs and Blu-rays feature bonus content.  If you hadn’t read the book, The Creative District, and would like to dive into it without viewing any of this, you could turn away.  If you’re interested in the book and don’t mind learning a bit about what went into it, feel free to view what I’m providing as bonus content.

First, I wanted to share this photo:

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Extra Features From The Creative District

When I first began the venture of selling books, I started off with reading Tim Grahl’s book, Your First 1,000 Readers. The book provides budding authors with a sense of direction on how to begin the book selling process.  Grahl mentioned that authors should have blogs and he devoted a section of his book to what authors should blog about. Among those things were ‘extra features’ much like DVD/ Blu-rays provide bonus content. Bonus content typically consists of an inside view of the creative process. With motion pictures, this usually consists of a featurette which goes over how the idea behind the movie came about, what did people use as inspiration, the reasoning behind the choice of characters and how they were portrayed, and maybe a blooper reel. What Grahl helped me to realize from his book is that there is a lot of work that my readers don’t get to see that’s put into my books. There are outlines (so many outlines), inspirations behind architecture, decisions on how I decided to portray certain characters, and certain moments that I could share with my readership. With that being said, I’ll be posting extra features about my books. I’ll try to keep the overall story hidden as to not spoil anything for the reader, but I will give away hints and talk about certain aspects of my books. If that is something you’re not interested in, be weary, because I doubt I’m going to put spoiler alert disclaimers everywhere. I’m going to have to ask you to use your better judgment.

I will be featuring posts that have to do with these extras very soon. . . as in the next blog post.


How Self Published Authors Approach Selling Books

I spent the past few weeks trying to build a following by using Reddit and Instagram.  Both did not work in the way that I was hoping for.  I guess I was hoping to build a large enough audience on these platforms with the wishful thinking that by doing so, it would convert into book sales.  I never really posted on any social media platforms with anything regarding that I was a writer.  Most of my posts on Instagram marketed me as a traveler with one picture dabbling in the idea that I may also be an artist who makes sketches.  The only articles on Reddit that I posted that did well were my travel articles.  I gained a lot of traffic, but as soon as those articles fell down into obscurity, that traffic dwindled away.  All of this was assuming that if I build myself up as something else, maybe people would stay around long enough to see that I write books.  Maybe if I spent longer trying to build myself up on these social media platforms, it might have worked and I would have sold books in an indirect way, but, after awhile, I came to the conclusion that that was possibly just wishful thinking.

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