Steering Focus Back Into Writing and Editing

I’m steering my focus back into writing and editing.  Right now, and as long as necessary, my main objective will be publishing the next section for The Children of Aphrodite.  My blog will mainly focus on my path to pushing out each section to the public.  At times, I’m sure that I’ll use my blog to write about any miscellaneous thoughts that I may have, but for the most part, my blog will be about working through getting the next section out, announcing its arrival, dissecting the process of doing so, working through any hurdles, and providing any updates.  

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What Event Marked The End of Playboy and Glamour Nudity

I wrote a post earlier this week about how Playboy ending its use of nudity would affect the next generation.  Apparently, this happened a year ago and since then, I’ve heard and found that Playboy will reinitiate using nude pictures in their magazines.  This was confirmed in an article by the Washington Post posted February of this year.  In the article, Cooper Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s son, said that the magazine’s portrayal of nudity was dated.  The article by Washington Post says this is due to the effects of porn being a click away for people.  However, this got me thinking if the growing popularity of porn really was the event in which people turned away from the type of nude glamour photography that Playboy offered.  

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Need Feedback on New Book Description: The Children of Aphrodite

My current description for The Children of Aphrodite is:

The Children of Aphrodite is about the desecration of boys and how the fall of men led to the fall of Europe and all of Western Civilization.

I want to change it to this:

As Europe continued its campaign against men, countries had fallen apart, and people kept their mouth shut about the current state of their own nation.  In Paris, women are afraid to walk alone at night.  In Rome, it is looked down upon to show any signs of masculinity.  A growing younger generation lacks any concern for their city, their heritage, or their history.  As Europe continues to fall, driving Western Civilization out of existence, a group of grandmothers begin to recruit a new generation of boys in the hope that they will keep the last of the European countries alive, before they share the same fate as the many European countries that don’t exist anymore.

What do you think?

Redone COA Section 1 Book Cover


The Children of Aphrodite is released in sections. Buy each section on Amazon here
(Sections 1, 2, 3, are currently released: each section is available for 99 cents):

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 1: Barcelona, Rome, Paris.

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 2: Madrid, Ljubljana, Budapest, Prague.

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 3: Paris. Biarritz. San Sebastián. Vienna. Pula. Hvar Island. Split.

How to Travel by Train Across the United States for Under 200 Dollars

train emeryville

Trains.  Riding in a train is like riding inside history.  It’s practically sitting in an artifact that dates back to the 19th century.  There’s a sort of romantic infatuation with trains, more so than there is with jet-planes.  In cinema, the train platform acts as the sprinting ground for those chasing after infatuation.  Many times the train platform acts as the rendezvous point that unifies those who scale great distances to return back to the ones that they left in waiting.  In the literary world, trains are often used in fantasy novels and in stories where protagonists seek a new life by running along countrysides to jump onto empty shipping containers.  There’s an overall mystical and magical quality that’s attached to rail culture.  Although American trains no longer stop on platforms as behemoth 19th century locomotives leaving behind a trail of coal powered gas through the smokestack of its leading car, trains still hold an enchanting quality that other modes of transportation simply don’t have.

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Why I don’t think Playboy should have abandoned its nudity

I was browsing Reddit when I came upon this article by Playboy; the Reddit link titling it, ‘Playboy is becoming a trash feminist magazine.’  Now, I didn’t read the article at the moment.  I believe I clicked on it and noticed that Ed Sheeran was on it, and that was all.  I later did read a little more than the first paragraph but then stopped.  I’m not interested in talking about Ed Sheeran.  I’m not interested in talking about how Playboy may or may not be becoming a trash feminist magazine.  What I am interested in talking about is the somewhat recent change behind Playboy and its choice to abandon its nudity and how this may affect the culture of growing young boys, and I guess you could say all men.  However, I do think this affects young boys the most.

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The Rejection of by Apple

I’m in the early stages of using social media.  I’ve had them, just never used them.  I’ve been busy with writing like a writer should be.  As I found more and more ‘radical’ articles condemned by the largest social media tyrants: twitter, facebook, and reddit, I’ve succumbed to lesser known outlets whose mission statement claims solidarity with freedom of speech.  Maybe four years ago, I would’ve been okay with the recent accounts of censorship.  But, I’m a different writer now.  My writing ascertains a more rigid edge, one that may attract controversy.  Right now, I am weary that my account may be found and my site along with all my writings will raise red flags and reported to some sort of speech policing.  It’s terrifying.  A world that dims its lights on carelessness, and forcefully drives out anyone who does not share the same opinions.

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