Jonathan Manor is the author of the book “The Creative District.”  For additional writings by Jonathan Manor, you could read his compendium, “Evening Revolution: The Compendium.”

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The Children of Aphrodite is a fiction book about the desecration of boys and how the fall of man led to the fall of Europe and all of Western Civilization.

The Children of Aphrodite is released in sections. Buy each section on Amazon here
(Sections 1, 2, 3, are currently released):

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 1: Barcelona, Rome, Paris.

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 2: Madrid, Ljubljana, Budapest, Prague.

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 3: Paris. Biarritz. San Sebastián. Vienna. Pula. Hvar Island. Split.

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After the suicide of his mother, Ethan Morgan realizes that not only has he been asleep for years, but that he’s surrounded by strange occurrences. Taken to a world where everyone suffers from unique illnesses in which the symptoms allow them certain abilities, Ethan Morgan still finds how difficult it is to be different.

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“Evening Revolution: The Compendium” is a collection of additional works by Jonathan Manor.

Read “Evening Revolution: The Compendium” on Wattpad.