How The Destructive Nature of Women Is Breaking Down Civilized Society (A Dialogue)

(Posted on Reddit on 7/28/2017)

“Do you believe in traditionalism?”

“Like traditional what?”

“Traditional relationships.”

“Hmm. . .” I said, thinking, “Don’t you think it’s kind of interesting where the sexual market is going?”

“What do you mean?”

“Look at it: in western civilization, women are becoming less and less interested in traditional roles such as marriage and even long term relationships. Right now, our entire civilization is looking to market a destructive culture to women filled with alcohol and one night stands. Women everywhere are having sex with men who aren’t interested in sticking around. Women are only going after these alpha males even after time and again, they’re gone in a split second by morning. All the while, all the young, naive minded boys are waiting around twiddling their thumbs and wondering when women are finally going to see them as the better option. Right now, women could have sex with anyone. Lines of affection wanting men are sitting around, waiting for the possibility to capture the attention of any woman. . . any woman! But, women don’t want just any man. They want the strongest, smartest, quiet yet intimidating man. The confident man, who does not question himself: the obvious rarity. The rarity that exists, but they themselves know it will be a challenge to keep them around. Most of the time, those women will fail. They fail because these women who go all in on this destructive nature aren’t at all attractive to the highest regarded men in the room. The men with the tallest standing in the room, don’t see these destructive women to be the best investment. In fact, they see them as a waste of their time.”

“So, you don’t think there’s some sort of revival of traditional relationships?”

“Oh, I do. But, before then, we’re going to overshoot by a lot.”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“Think about it? Before traditional relationships, before civilization, what did we have? We had a primitive society.”

“Yeah. . . and?”

“Could you not see? Our society is becoming more and more primitive. If traditional roles are thrown out the window, and marriage and relationships don’t exist, what do we have? We have the same lives as chimpanzees. We’re nothing more than primates. All the naive boys will take a backseat behind the strongest, smartest, quiet yet intimidating male who gets his pick of the women. The naive and weak men will only get the scraps. They will only get what the top male deems as unattractive and unworthy. And, in the end, these women who realize that they’re unworthy and unattractive, but don’t exactly realize that the only reason behind their unattractiveness was their destructive nature, will attempt at living their lives with a naive and unattractive male, who they constantly have to rationalize are good men. They’re stuck in some sort of painful waiting room, unable to anymore achieve sexual fulfillment, and always wanting something more, constantly reminded of what they had, thinking that they could’ve had everything, not knowing that they were simply lied to, manipulated by all of society. This is where we’re at in human society: a primitive society. Traditional roles altogether have collapsed beginning the decline of civilization.”

“So, if we’re stuck in a cyclical cycle, do you think we’re going to reinstate traditional roles?”

“Yeah. But, the question is, how long will it take and how much of the ugliness in our society will we have to endure and reflect on before we decide, yet again, what is better, beautiful, and civilized.”

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