How Self Published Authors Approach Selling Books

I spent the past few weeks trying to build a following by using Reddit and Instagram.  Both did not work in the way that I was hoping for.  I guess I was hoping to build a large enough audience on these platforms with the wishful thinking that by doing so, it would convert into book sales.  I never really posted on any social media platforms with anything regarding that I was a writer.  Most of my posts on Instagram marketed me as a traveler with one picture dabbling in the idea that I may also be an artist who makes sketches.  The only articles on Reddit that I posted that did well were my travel articles.  I gained a lot of traffic, but as soon as those articles fell down into obscurity, that traffic dwindled away.  All of this was assuming that if I build myself up as something else, maybe people would stay around long enough to see that I write books.  Maybe if I spent longer trying to build myself up on these social media platforms, it might have worked and I would have sold books in an indirect way, but, after awhile, I came to the conclusion that that was possibly just wishful thinking.

I’m reading up a lot on Kboards about how other authors marketed their books and gained their following.  There are two threads that I’ve been quite fond of.  The first is by an author whose pseudonym and lack of a signature containing any books makes it difficult to find out who she is.  Here’s here thread.  Then there’s the author Russel Blake.  He too wrote a thread.  The first girl’s thread was written back in 2012, five years ago.  What she basically recommends is to make writing books the priority and to create a mailing list.  She also uses Kindle Select.  Russell Blake also pushes the idea that writing books should be the main priority.  He also mentions that he uses Kindle Worlds.  Now his thread dates back to 2013.  I have my books up on Kindle; I’ve heard of Amazon KDP, Kindle Select, and Kindle Unlimited.  I’m sure there’s also a Kindle Library.  It was only until I saw Russell Blake’s post that I’ve even heard the term ‘Kindle Worlds.’  As of right now, I wouldn’t be able to fully explain any of these programs regarding a Kindle culture which is practically why I haven’t thrown my books into any of them.  I hear there are benefits and restrictions and I haven’t fully acquainted myself with the nooks and crannies of it.  For that reason, I haven’t moved into any of the Kindle programs other than making my book available on Kindle.

Although I don’t understand the Kindle programs as of yet, I do understand that the Kindle programs still stand as secondary to writing and publishing books.  Both authors push the idea that the best way to sell books is to continue writing them.  It is because of that, for the past two days, I’ve gone back into editing the next section of The Children of Aphrodite.  In a recent post, I mentioned how editing is a completely different animal than writing, and at times could be overwhelming.  I spend a finite amount of time editing two chapters a day and after that, I turn away from editing any further.  I want to keep editing at a minimum and slowly progress through the editing process all while keeping my sanity.  In the end, I’ll be pushing out new books.  With the time that I have during the day outside of editing, I’ll be looking into the Kindle programs and figuring out, not only what they are, but building a plan as to how I should approach them.  I’ll keep you guys updated.


Redone COA Section 1 Book Cover


The Children of Aphrodite is released in sections. Buy each section on Amazon here
(Sections 1, 2, 3, are currently released: each section is available for 99 cents):

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 1: Barcelona, Rome, Paris.

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 2: Madrid, Ljubljana, Budapest, Prague.

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 3: Paris. Biarritz. San Sebastián. Vienna. Pula. Hvar Island. Split.

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