Steering Focus Back Into Writing and Editing

I’m steering my focus back into writing and editing.  Right now, and as long as necessary, my main objective will be publishing the next section for The Children of Aphrodite.  My blog will mainly focus on my path to pushing out each section to the public.  At times, I’m sure that I’ll use my blog to write about any miscellaneous thoughts that I may have, but for the most part, my blog will be about working through getting the next section out, announcing its arrival, dissecting the process of doing so, working through any hurdles, and providing any updates.  

For the past several days, maybe a week or more, I’ve been focused on putting together a blog and finding a following on social media.  I’ve spent entire days trying new things, perfecting single posts, linking to articles, trying to become an expert on networking platforms, and trying to appear in front of other writers, popular bloggers, and even those that I attempted to rationalize that I might need their connection.  Doing much of this has not provided me with the sort of progress that I should be looking for.  Because of that, after observing the nature of social media and the spending entire days being an insignificant voice in large boisterous crowds, I’ve decided to change my course and navigate through things differently, more simply, and more efficiently.  With that said, my new agenda will look like this:

  1. Prepare the next section of The Children of Aphrodite for launch.
  2. Be more open-minded to Kindle Select.  (I’ve been hovering over the idea of putting my books under the Kindle Unlimited program.  As of right now, I still haven’t decided.)
  3. Continue with the blog, but only in the way in which I’m mostly focused on writing and getting the next piece of literature out.  
  4. Utilize social media, but minimally, and only with the focus of updating.  

I feel as if 3 and 4 should not be on the same level as both numbers one and two.  One and two are my focuses.  Putting out the next section and keeping an open mind about Kindle Select should be my top priorities.  By keeping an open mind about Kindle Select, I mean that I do need to look into it.  I haven’t, which makes it easy to see why my first priority is preparing the next section for publishing, and my third is to keep the blog going to have something to fall back on.  Kindle Select might work well, I haven’t compiled enough information to know how it works or whether or not I’ll go into it.  That’s why it’s a priority.

Looking back on the past two weeks or so, I feel like I may have wasted a lot of time.  But, maybe it was time that I needed to waste.  If this was a business, invention, or any other art, there are trials and errors.  Sometimes things work, other times they don’t.  Most of the time, they usually don’t work.  The people most others talk about are the miracle stories.  I have to come to terms with the possibility that I’m not a miracle story.  My books might be, but the road ahead of me looks more like reality.  That’s fine.  I’ve been able to do some pretty miraculous things with reality.  


Redone COA Section 1 Book Cover


The Children of Aphrodite is released in sections. Buy each section on Amazon here
(Sections 1, 2, 3, are currently released: each section is available for 99 cents):

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 1: Barcelona, Rome, Paris.

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 2: Madrid, Ljubljana, Budapest, Prague.

The Children of Aphrodite, Section 3: Paris. Biarritz. San Sebastián. Vienna. Pula. 

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