The Rejection of by Apple

I’m in the early stages of using social media.  I’ve had them, just never used them.  I’ve been busy with writing like a writer should be.  As I found more and more ‘radical’ articles condemned by the largest social media tyrants: twitter, facebook, and reddit, I’ve succumbed to lesser known outlets whose mission statement claims solidarity with freedom of speech.  Maybe four years ago, I would’ve been okay with the recent accounts of censorship.  But, I’m a different writer now.  My writing ascertains a more rigid edge, one that may attract controversy.  Right now, I am weary that my account may be found and my site along with all my writings will raise red flags and reported to some sort of speech policing.  It’s terrifying.  A world that dims its lights on carelessness, and forcefully drives out anyone who does not share the same opinions.

On my search for a community, I managed to remember  Much like, promised a bastion of freedom of speech.  Unfortunately, when I went to download the app, because of course the social media outlet must have an app, I couldn’t find one.  Created on August 2016, the social networking service must have an app by now.  I went on to google the words, ‘gab app’ only to find the following Breitbart article, “Apple Rejects Gab From App Store Over Content Posted by Users.”  The article was written in December 2016, four months after the emergence of the new social media network.  It’s now May 2017 and from what I could find on discord belonging to the Donald, they’re still working on it.

It’s interesting. . . a movement that supports freedom of speech manages to be censored.

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