We Don’t Talk About Paris

I remember what happened in Paris on that day that we don’t talk about. You remember that day. You remember putting up French flags over your Facebook profile picture. You remember closing your laptop, or turning off the news, because you didn’t want to hear anything more about what had happened. I remember coming to class two days later and no one talked about it. It was just too uncomfortable of a conversation to have. It didn’t feel right to talk about how we felt or what we were thinking. People always make promises that they’ll remember. But, after what had happened in Paris, people just wanted to forget.

In the U.S. after 9/11, we left the television on as it played the same 10 second clip over and over of a plane threading into a building. People spoke up back then. People felt things. For a very long time people asked us how we were feeling, if we were okay, and if we need to talk. We don’t do that anymore. We don’t talk anymore. We can’t. The ideologies of Western Civilization promised us a voice, promised us the freedom to speak. It doesn’t feel like that’s true anymore.

You ever feel like everyone around you is agreeing with you? You ever feel like you’re sitting in the center of the world, surrounded by legions of like-minded people, and everything’s perfect, so perfect, so unblemished, and so polished. No one’s here to disagree with you. No one’s here to hurt your feelings or challenge what you know. You know everything. There’s no one that sees the world outside of your perspective. Life is a photoshop perfect picture where everyone thinks the same, and anyone unique, thinking outside the masses, is simply unavailable. It must be fun living in a world without counter-arguments. I’m sure it feels real to you. A world without imperfections just seems so natural.

I hope Macron does well. I remember a few of the things that France has been through and I don’t believe that France can afford for its president not to do well. But, there’s this way of today where people are forced to be a certain person. We’re told what to do, how to think, and what to feel. We’re not machines. We’re not cattle.

Where have all the wolves gone? When did we find it would be best that we were all sheep.

Vive le France. . .

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